Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Attractive football and footballers

It is not as easy as it would seem to track down lists of best looking footballers on the internet, although it is apparent that womens and gay magazines around the world have been preparing their own lists.

The main contenders seem to be:

David Beckham, Freddy Ljungberg, Christian Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Alessandro del Piero, Alessandro Nesta, Michael Ballack (?), Raul, Roque Santa Cruz

Anyway... mine would be:

Fabio Cannavaro (with short hair) - Italy
Francesco Totti - Italy
Joe Cole - England
Andriy Shevchenko - Ukraine
Thierry Henry - France (ahem)
Matthew Amoah - Ghana
Iker Casillas - Spain
Roque Santa Cruz - Paraguay
Carlos Tevez - Argentina
Jose Saviola - Argentina
Ashley Cole - England

Not sure how they would play together.
Couldn't be as bad as the two teams playing last night - Switzerland vs Ukraine, with the BBC complaining that Switzerland were killing the game of football. Not letting in any goals but never playing positive.

There is a lot being said in England about it not being the way we play, but the fact that we are winning. Unfortunately, to some extent this is true. But England is loved throughout the world for putting on a great football show, even if they lose heroically to teams like Argentina and Brazil, not for negative, safe football.

This negative, safe football can take you a long way, but it can also cause you to be eliminated like the Swiss have been and the Italians before... and what do you have to show for it? Not a lot.

So, of course, I would rather see England beat Portugal, but if they are going to lose, better to go out in a blaze of glory than as a damp squib.


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