Friday, April 14, 2006

Queen in 1978

Queen in 1978, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here is a ticket to the first (of two) Queen concerts which I attended. This one was in May 1978 at Empire Pool, Wembley (has it changed its name by any chance?)

This really was a pop experince of a lifetime, with Freddie Mercury on dazzling form, singing songs from News of the World, including a very fast version of We Will Rock You! Something to remember! The tickets were for restricted view, which actually meant we were very close to the stage, albeit at the side. Much better than sititng in front but at the back.

The ticket cost two pounds fifty. They could now easily be fifty pounds an increase of 20 times.

My Uncle Eddie's house in Hillingdon was sold at around the same time - for 16,500 pounds, and could now probably be sold for 300,000 pounds, again 20 times as much.

If we look however at a pineapple. A fresh one would in those days have cost about one pound each. How much are they now? Yes, the same, one pound, or even one euro. Why is this? It is because pienapples come from the third world and we have just got them to produce more and more and yet we pay them increasingly less in real terms, 20 times less in the case of pineapples! Shocking really. Really shocking.

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