Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On we go...

Eastern Highlands.
Ramadan i sure is (see previous post). Just as it was turning 6 the owner of the previous internet cafe told me it was time to leave, the sun was setting and it was time for him to finally EAt again!

Anyway, justa bit of news. We went to Dire Dawa today with the intention of booking onward flights and managed to do everything within an hour and a half. They are as follows:

25 October (after the Omo River trip) - Addis to Bahar Dar
31 October Axum to Lalibela
3 November Lalibela to Addis
5 November Addis to Hargeisa
12 November Hargeisa to Addis
14 November Addis to Entebbe (Uganda)

The dates are flexible. We go overland from Bahar Dar to Gondar, Simien Mountains and Axum.

We are still in Harar, after a week, enjoying the place very much and not wanting really to leave, but on we must go.

Tomorrow to Nazret and the day after to Lake Awassa, where we stay a couple of days before our appointment in Addis to meet our fellow Omo River travellers.

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