Saturday, October 08, 2005

Big River ...

Fred and I say goodbye to you all for the next two weeks as we embark on the Omo River expedition. We start tomorrow and have met one of our fellow travellers, Jeff, from Leicester. It seems as if there maybe two others plus the Remote River team.

We are looking forward to it, although we will be far away from the modern world and a long way even from the nearest roads. Thanks to you all for the support and appreciation you have shown for this blog and we hope to be back after a couple of highly enjoyable and only reasonably exciting weeks!

OMO: The African Queen of river expeditions. The Omo is a special river and one of the world's most renowned river experiences. We offer 10-21 day expeditions and the full trip combines spectacular scenery, exciting rapids, wildlife, exotic tribal peoples in a remote wilderness setting. The expedition is a journey back in time and into the seldom traveled world of south-west Ethiopia. There has been little change in the Omo Valley over the years. The river snakes between wild cliffs and green/brown hillsides from Gibe Farm southeast of Addis Ababa, to the scorched bushland near the Sudan border. The Omo has it all: challenging whitewater, abundant wildlife, excellent birds, superb scenery, and some of the most unique unvisited people in Africa. The trip is for the adventurous in spirit, for the lover of the wild; the river expedition that in 15 years has not become a 'tour'.

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