Thursday, June 10, 2010

Workforce, The 2010 Derby winner, with his jockey Ryan Moore

A beautiful horse in the relative calm before the big race. He will have been driven to teh course, sent to the stables, walked around the pre-parade ring, then the paddock, then the parade before the stands, then the canmter and walk around the one-and-a-half miles to the start where he is now. In two minutes and forty seconds, he will write himself into the history books by winning The Derby.

And here we are a few days later, under a thick grey cloud, spluttering out rain while Holland has to look to the future with a new Parliamant and a new Prime Minister (finally!). How will they put a coalition together. This is going to take a few weeks, I shouldn't wonder.

I can't see the CDA coming back into the government as a third party, after losing almost half of their seats and recording their worst ever result, thanks mainly to the terrible leadership of JP Bak-ellende.

I would very much hope that there wouyld be no place in any Dutch government for the right wing and anti-Mulsim PVV. They have already thrown in one of the main policies for which they were voted - keeping the retirement age to 65, in an effort to suck up to the VVD - but they have too many weird and crazy ideas and policies and I would hope that no other party would want to pick up on them.

This leaves the lavour Party, Green Left and Democrats as possible partners for a Purple Plus government, taking us back to the good old days of the 1990's.

One good thing about what has happened is that bully boy Bak-ellende has paid for his bad attitude towards Wouter Bos and the labour Party with his job, his reputation and half of his party's seats, while the Labour Party has come out quite well, losing the election by just one seat!


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