Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Election Day - again!

Election Day - again!, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Another general Election in this banana republic. I am not allowed to vote, being a Brit of Somali origin but I am still interested in politics, having lived here for 22 years and expecting to continue to live here.

I did the Stemwijzer/Vote Chooser, which asks 30 questions and comapres your own ideas against those of the parties.

My top parties were:

1 Green Left
2 Democrats 66
3 Labour Party
4 Animals Party
5 Christian Union
6 Socialist Party

The other were much lower - right wing nonsense.

First exit polls coming in.

Left wing Labour Party and Right wing Freedom Party are noth at 31 seats, the largest gets the foirst chance to choose a coalition, so hoping that the Labour Party get ahead by the end of the night.

Good thing that the Christian Party of the former PM, Balkenende, look like they will get their worst result ever. A proper reward for the last few years of mismanagement.

The racist and anti-Islamic Party which is funded by extremist Jewish groups in America look like they will do very well but hopefully they will not get into any Government. They are a disgarce ot the good name of Holland. They make me SICK.


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