Thursday, April 08, 2010


Winterkoning!, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The wren might be one of the smallest birds we have but it is also one of the loudest. Not is a nasty way like those horrid parakeets, but in a wonderful melodious way, when it spills forth its wonderful song, as he is doing here.

We had a brood nested and reared in our 'dry' com post heap in the garden back in 2007. We saw five baby wrens leave the nest. The parents then moved to one of our nest boxes, on the downstairs balcony and saw them building the nest and heard the babies chirping. Then we went away for a weekend and all was still. We heard later that the neighbours cat had caught and eaten one of the parents and that was the end of the second brood. It was a terrible silence which befell the garden that week.


Anonymous Calvin said...

The Carolina Wren is our State bird (South Carolina).

09 April, 2010 18:17  

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