Sunday, March 28, 2010

Signs of spring - our resident stork

Signs of spring, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The local council created these ponds and lakes on the outskirts of our local park, Frankendael, in order to encourage birds like storks, herons and even spoonbills to go wading.

Afrazof says:
Oh your council did a nice thing. I see a few egrets wading in some cesspools near where I live. It would be a nice thing to convert those filthy cesspools into something like this. Good work.

CharlesFred says:
Yes, well, first of all we were annoyed that they broke the law by not asking permission to cut down 400 trees, but these pools are more interesting from a wildlife perspective. Although I must say that before the park was rennovated I did see a greater variety of birds than I have seen since.

Afrazov says:
Uh oh. Why the hell do these people in chrge do this kind of stuff. I mean they should have asked for the permission of people. You are right about the variety of birds too Chalres. Sometimes when we alter the environment it ends up favoring a few species over the others hence the decrease in the variety.

CharlesFred says:
Now you have got me started! The one type of birds to do the best out of the recent changes have been the parakeets, noisy parakeets, who fly around in massive flocks during the winter making a lot iof noiuse, and whio in the spring barge into all the holes in the trees for their own nests, encouraghed by people hanging up apples to feed them. Terrible birds!
The local council created these ponds and lakes on the outskirts of our local park, Frankendael, in order to encourage birds like storks, herons and even spoonbills to go wading.

The it is strange, of course, that you have to go to the council to get permission to cut down a tree and yet they are the very ones who do not get the permisission which they need.

And then we can talk about the yuppies who have taken over the neighbourthood (much like the parakeets) who, on buying a house, first of all completely clear the gardens of anything living (including trees which have stood for many many years - because they block out the sun), before putting down a patio, with teak tables and chairs and a parasol (why? to block out the sun, of course!)


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