Friday, April 02, 2010

Return to Trabzon (thanks to Sevval Sam)

A mini-series of photos back in Trabzon as a tribute to Sevval Sam who I saw at De Meervaart in Amsterdam last night. She sang a number of beautiful songs from around the great country of Turkey, incliuding songs from Urfa, the Aegean, Istanbul, Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian and Palestinian songs, finishing off with a number of songs from the Karadeniz area, which she has recorded on an album called Karadeniz. Here is a video of the first song: Hey Gidi Karadeniz:

The chap (in the video) playing the string instrument, which is called a Kemence, is called Octay and he was there last night, playing that instrument in an incredible way, filling the auditorium with its rich and sometimes haunting sound.


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