Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beat The Boys

Beat the Boys is 100-1 (now 40-1) to win The Grand National this afternoon, so one of the outsiders. Mon Mome won last year at 100-1 and then came third in The Cheltenham Gold Cup on March at 100-1 (as tipped by myself). Mon Mome is 14-1 today and could do it again. But so could Beat The Boys if he has an 'on' day. I know that Catholic priests are not being accused of beating boys at present (they had already had a name for this) but it could be quite a topical winner at this stage. I remember back in 1992 that party Politics won, just as the country was preparing for a General Election.
Living in Holland, I am not allowed to bet outside of the national monopoly, despite having accounts with a few bookies. They have now tightened up on the internet connections, so they will not accept payments from a Dutch IP address, while there are also issues about paying money into betting accounts using a credit card.
As internet comes of age, the authorities know better ways of controlling everything we do.

In the meantime, there was a lovely article on the BBC about a horse called Ballyholland, which is named after a small town in Ireland. He cost only 2,000 euros, has already won the valuable Galway Plate and is now 25-1 to win over 500,000 pounds in The Grand National.

As it was - Beat The Boys was pulled up and the Grand National finish had qiute a professional look about it with two of the biggest stabeles in England getting the first - Don't Push It - and second - Big Fella Thanks - who were both joint favourites. Good for Tony McCoy to win his first Grand National, but a bit boring. Oh well, I saved the betting money!

Stuart-Lee says:
What are you going to do the money you saved?! You should treat yourself.....suppose it sort of depends on the size of any propsosed stake. Glorious weather here this weekend, hope you're getting your fair share of sun in Holland too!

CharlesFred Pro User says:

Well, I had thought about puttimng 50 pounds on. Maybe I will try again with the Eurovision Song Contest and see if I can win anything there, or lagter, on the World Cup.

There seems to be a ridge of high pressure over the UK, which is giving you sunshine and high temperatures, but which brings s cliouds and cold winds from the North Sea. The Easter weekend was dull, then brightened up during the week, with Friday being a beautiful sunny day. Come the weeknd, the temperature dropped and the sky filled with clouds, albeit with the odd break. So not bad, just not too nice.


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