Saturday, January 30, 2010

The snow came back

The snow came back, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Yes, well, it is not even the end of January and still a good month of winter to go. Nice to wake up on Saturday morning and see it all white again, with the snow still on the branches of the trees with the sun trying to come out. Lovely cold crunchy snow. Mmmmm...

Spent the morning inside watching the Ladies Final at the Australian Open, between my two favourite tennis playes, namely Serena Williams and the recently returned Justine Henin, whilst chatting to my brother Richard on facebook and organising photos on the computer. Nice and relaxed.

Went for a cycle ride in the afternoon - following the New Year's Day route - across the bridges across to Waterland and the lakeside village of Durgerdam. The Ijsselmeer is still frozen, which surprised me. Now altogether white under the fresh fall of snow - as pictured in this photograph.

Later on I would cycle past the ditches and ponds and pluck up the courage to walk on the snow on the hard and thick ice. Wonderful to play around in the virgin snow.

It started snowing again when we cycled over to some friends for dinner but by the time we were done the snow had turned to rain and then, anoyingly, just as we were on our bikes, it turned into very hard hailstones, leaving a grey slushy mess. Oh well.


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