Friday, August 21, 2009

At the Ottoman bridge

At the Ottoman bridge, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Thank you, lads, for your comments (on flickr). I think this photo shows why it is often better to take a candid approach than a posed one and the subject himself is, of course, very near to perfection.

The Ottoman bridge referred to in the title is just one of many such bridges up this valley (the one going up from Caykeli to Ayder), crossing a white-water river, of cold mountain water rushing down from the mountains to the sea. I have done my best to place it on the map. No doubt I will upload a photo of it in the weeks to come.

There is a restaurant built next to the road catering for the many tourist buses running up to Ayder, underneath which there is this deep pool providing an ideal spot to swim and dive off the rocks. And this, in turn, makes it a perfect setting to take some photos...


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