Wednesday, June 03, 2009

European elections tomorrow

Madrid - at the Sol, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

We have just been watching te debate between the leaders of the six largest parties in The Netherlands. Thre a bit right, three a bit left.

Interesting debates about whether to let Turkey into the EU or not.

Almost all of them (apart from Green Left - Groen Links) thought that we should never have let Romannia and Bulgaria countries in whe we did - they were/are corrupt and not ready for EU membership.

They then use this argument against Turkey, although Turkey isn't even thinking of joining just yet. The Green Left candidate that a negative attitude towards Turkey now (as shown by France and Germany and the leaders of the other five parties) will not encourage Turkey to do its best to make the changes necessary for it to be allowed to join and likened this to a footballer training with a team when he knows that the trainer is never going to pick him.

These women look like they might be from Romania or Bulgaria and might have been found on the streets of Madrid with ot without the EU...


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