Saturday, May 23, 2009

The walls of Toledo

The walls of Toledo, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

KLM? Royal Airline Company. What a load of nonsense. Taken over by Air France and working with some dreadful US airlines (North Worst and Delta), they made a profit last quarter and told the market they were going to make even more redundancies. This when they already have too few peopl, judged by the queues they have when either trying to check-in or drop one's bag. Even if you perform the tiresome busoness of accessing theior sometimes ropey website and fill in your personal details, despite the fact that they already have those details on their computer files and then manage to print a boarding pass, you are still requires to drop your bag. Easy enough, you would think, but at Schiphol at 6 in the morning already toy are forces into a cattle pen to wait in long queues for them to check your bag in, which somehow takes them almost as long as checking in, leading you to wonder why you had wasted your time doing that in the first place.

After quite a long walk, I am now at the gate and I will wait until I am almost the last before I board.I have a window seat as I had indicated both when I booked my ticket and when I checked in on the way out. But this apparently counts for nothing as, apparently, KLM completely ignores its customer requests until you check-in. On European flights, that is. Most flights. Why then bother to ask?


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