Monday, December 15, 2008

Nieuwe dienstregeling goed van start, zegt NS...

The biggest monkey, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

New train timetable today. New prices too. The journey to work stays the same at 11 euros, the reurn is up 20 cents to 6.80, making a total cost of 17.80 for the approx 160 km round trip.

I have an extra minute in the mornings to get to the station and a minute less in the evening. We also have a new stop at Holendrecht, the only new one in Holland this year.

And then we had a 20 minute delay in the morning and another 5 minute delay this evening. Not so bad but it was very cold this morning. However, we have been taken both ways in wobbly double deckers, with green seats instead of our usual sprinter, which means we do have a WC on the train, which we bever had before. Not sure if this is a permanent change or just a coincidence today.

Oh dear! And I forgot to stamp my ticket! So that is 6.80 saved, which is 34 days of ticket increase, good for at least two months worth of travelling....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, your link to the UNPO site doesn't work!


If you want to have a look at one of the members in particular click the "nations and people" tab at the top.

16 December, 2008 15:02  

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