Sunday, December 28, 2008

Charles and Harry - on thin ice

Fred stayed at home, nursing a sore throat, so I took Diana and the boys on the bikes to Centraal Station, from where we caught the fast (hydrofoil) ferry to Velsen. From there we cycled to the horse-filled firelds around Santpoort-Noord and into the Kennemerduinen, where the day before, our friend Eric saw some wild deer and a magnificent stag. here we cycled across to the coast, stoppng off here and there for some photos, however cold it was. At the coast, we found the sea to be out and teh sand nice and firm which allowed us to cycle acros the sand up to Ijmuiden, where we found a ver warming and chic beach cafe called De Zilt, where we enjoyed some much deserved hot chocolate and apple tart. It was a longish half an hour ride against the (strong and very cold) wind in the growing darkness back up to the ferry stop, from where we caught the 17.30 ferry back to Amsterdam, being guided through the wide canal by lights. My goodness were we glad to be back in the warmth and cosiness of home.


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