Sunday, November 02, 2008

The new Trek L400 in Frankendael

This is my new city bike. For the first time, I decided to buy a new bike, rather than a secondhand bike from one of the stations. I got used to the ease of cycling around on my hybrid-racing bike, so wanted a lightweight but tough new one. Let's hope it doesn't get smashed up at the station or get stolen from the racks.
I went to Haarlem yesterday, supposedly to byu some new clothes for work, seing as my suit trousers now both have holes in them under my crotch, but came away buying this loveky bicyle (and no clothes). Unfortunately, when cycling back home from Centraal Station in the rain, the bike slipped on the wet paving stones and threw me with some force onto the very hard ground, with the result of a lot of pain in my wrists, and my left knee and ankle. The bike seems to be OK, proving already how tough it is.


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