Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sunflower, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

This is not growing in our garden, as we did not lant any sunflower seeds.... but comes from teh garden of neighbour Mehmet. Mehmet adds fertiliser to his soil so grows massive plants, giant tomatoes, oversized marrows, bursting sweetcorn and giant sunflowers. But already at teh start of August, most of the vegetables have been harvested and the garden is past its best.

In the meantime, in our organic garden, things are starting to get going, the courgettes being most productive at the moment, but beetroots are doing well, as are the onions and the assorted cabbages. The broad beans are ready for picking too.

Tomatoes are growing profusely and are slowly turning re. Even if they do not,w e can pick them and watch them turn red indoors. We get the odd aubergine and pepper and have to pick them fairly young before they get eaten by pests or just drop off. Once in a while there will be a bright red raspberry to be picked.

Agian, it is not teh greatest of summers and we have to be happy with whatever few hours of sunshine we can get in any day. This afternoon was nice, as was Saturday during the day and Sunday afternoon. It is the bits in between which are depressing but at least we are not having to go to the nearest canal and fetch the water.


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