Sunday, August 03, 2008


This is some of the nicest, more picturesque rubbish that one can see in Kosovo. Mostly it is a lot worse, lots of plastic (bags and bottles) or heavy insdutrial (car wrecks and so on).

The country has 60% unemployement and many live off handouts from the State, which in turn is financed through the EU and other governements. While everyone is looking at Kosovo in terms of its geo-political importance and lots and lots of money is bening spent in the country, no-one seems to be too concerned about the rubbish, as if rubbish is not an important issue in life.

It is bad for the environment, bad for health and bad for tourism and it is not sustainable.

Fred and I think that a good idea would be to stop giving handouts to the country and to the unemployed until they start really tidying up the country and learning not to just drop their rubbish and litter everywhere. There are so many piles and areas of rubbish, it surely cannot be too difficult to organise it. And having learned to tidy it up maybe they will be more careful what they do with their rubbish in the future.


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