Saturday, August 30, 2008

Off to the beach

A cheeky look A beautiful summer's day today, after a week of dark clouds. Good timing too, as the only decent weather we have had this last month has been at the weekend.

Fred and I took our bikes out this morning, cycled through Amsterdam, across to the west towards Halfweg and Haarlem, past Overveen, along the dunes and down to Zandvoort-by-Sea, a ride of about 35 kms, which we took nice and easily. Only disappointment was the fact that our favourite cheese shop in Haarlem, Sansom, had closed down after 40 years. I had a feeling it might have, as the cheese shop in our street has also just closed down this summer, after probably about 50 years. Seems like hard work selling cheese. We used to stop off and order delicious rolls filled with camembert or gorgonzola, or whichever other cheeses we decided upon, with tomato and lettuce. We only turned up once or twice a summer, but we were always recognised.

The beach was quite full adn we spent teh evening, sleeping and reading as the sun beat down, me hiding under a towel to protect myself. Then another 20 kms cycle ride through the dunes and the woods, as in this photo, before catching the speed ferry back to Amsetrdam: a lovely day out.

Tomorrow promises to be even warmer and there is the Amsterdam Uitmarkt, the opening of the cultural season, with all sorts fo performances, centred on the eastern docks area.

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