Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leaving Prizren - yes this is the bus to Skopje... (or Shkup)

It was a strange thing but we had arrived early at the bus station and made contact with our bus boy who wa very cute and very friendly and who arranged to get us seats at the front. Eventually, it was time to go and he sat next to us on the right hand side. Then just pulling out of the bus station, the bus stopped and there appeared to be some problem with the papers. After some discussion, our new friend hopped off the bus and the bus drove on. Our new friend was gone. Just like that. All of a sudden there was a big gap in our day, in our journey. It was altogether a bit sudden and a bit sad... a hole ripped open in the day.

I thought maybe we would drive round in a circle and come back to pick him up but the bus drove resolutely (if slowly) through Prizren and out onto the main road to Ferizaj, going at every turn away from the bus station... At every turn our cause felt useless, we would not see our happy cheery friend again. How typical.... but then all of a sudden we stopped at a petrol station. Along came a taxi and out hopped our friend, with the papers and altogether the day seemd complete again.

We chatted most of the way to Ferizaj, him in Albanian and me in English and I took a few photos. Kept meaning to print them and hand them over to someone working for the Vector bus company to give to him, but it never happened. I have a business card from the bus company so will send them by post. Anyway, a very nice way to say goodbye to Kosovo.

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