Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yemen - Pink - ice cream seller

Having a look at the Yemen photos on flickr. They were never very popular and I noticed that they were all uploaded on small format and didn't look very good.. so I have been replacing them with the full size photos. Amazing to think we only went there as an afterthought as a way to get from Jordan to Eritrea. Quick thinking had us stopping over for five days and arranging things quickly we spent three of those days touring and walking along the mountains. A fascinating experience and one I hope we can repeat.

Another cold and windy but sunny day here. I have just about finished tidying up the garden, after the builders have gone and have cut up all the dead honeysuckle which we had to clear away. Also, dug in some of the nice black compost we have nade from our household waste, into the dark sandy soil of the garden. Very rewarding.


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