Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Premier League in Somalia

Futebol brasileino - six, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

How strange... I have just posted a photo of some footballers in Somliland and then I read an article on the BBC webiste about the Premier League plans to play a set of game abroad once a year (seems like a good idea to me).

Anyway, a certain Mr Hammam of the Asian Football Confederation does not seem to like it at all and said

"I should say that I respect very much the Premier League. I like to watch the Premier League. But they are interfering with the domestic and local competitions in different national associations if they think this idea can be realised. I appreciate, for example, if the Premier League want to play in Darfur, Somalia or East Timor, they can act as peace makers."

So, someone is noticing what is going on in Somlia, even if it is just Mr Hammam...


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