Thursday, January 31, 2008

International Day of the Potato

Today is the International Day of Poetry and is also Queen Beatrix's 70th birthday but most importantly, it is the International Day of the Potato, in what is already the International Year of the Potato!

The great indigenous civilization of South America first cultivated the potato and they had a prayer about the potato as follows:
“O Creator! Thou who givest life to all things and hast made men that they may live, and multiply. Multiply also the fruits of the earth, the potatoes and other food that thou hast made, that men may not suffer from hunger and misery."

Having been to Argentina and not eaten much else other than meat (the best you have ever had), I cannot comment too much about South American potatoes. I would just say that some of the very best potatoes we have tasted were in the Middle East and the tastiest chips were served in Yemen.

To celebrate we had cottage pie last night with a topping of mashed potato and West Country organic cheddar cheese.. mmmm...

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