Friday, February 01, 2008

Horse mating

January 2008 seems to have been the fifth most popular month for this blog, with 7,911 visits, according to my ShinyStat counter. The other most popular months were November and December 2006 and May and June 2007. I have no idea really who reads this blog anymore, apart from a few friends and family members.. but I can see how some people find the blog and it seems it has a lot to do with horse mating or mating horses.

ShinyStat tells me that the blog received 355 visits from people searching (presumably through google, which has 99% of the traffic to this site) for 'horse mating' and another 111 for 'mating horses' in January. These are up from December when it was 225 and 83 respectively.

Other popular search words are '50th birthday', 'robbie williams', 'footballers' and 'roman gladiators'. 'Sophia Loren', 'ladyboys' and 'Marija Serifovic' have also led people to this site.

I haven't really got so much to say about horse mating, just that a couple of photos I took in Sardegna of a spontaneous horse mating session, whereby a man brought along his saddled and bridled stallion and encouraged him to mount a mare with a foal in tow, have provoked some concerned comments from people on flickr.

Modesty prevents me from placing these photos on the blog but they can be found here and here.


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