Monday, January 21, 2008

Most miserable day of the year...

In and around Eminonu, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Today, being the third Monday of January, when the mornings are still very dark, it has rained the whole day, back at work, the salary not yet in the bank account, but the credit cards bills already received...

... and, yes, it was not such an easy day in the office, where after the optimism of starting the new year with a positive attitude, the bad habits of other people in the organisation are starting to show.

I have not spoken to South Africa today, but it seems as if there is no electricity there. or, at least, there IS electricity but only for two hours a day... so it could have been very frustrating to be there this week. I am still hoping to go back next month, if I can get my passport renewed in time.

At a bit of a loose end workwise, back here, so tried to plan a couple fo trips elsewhere but it appears not to be so easy .

Anyway, at least Fred has cooked a delicious dinner for us, the house is nice and warm and here is a positive photo of a man in the early morning sunshine in Istanbul. He celebrates 750,000 photostream views on flickr. It was a slower 50,000 views than normal (53 days), due in part to the censorship and a general drop in the number of views I have been having recently.


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