Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Istanbul - life in cartoon motion

Here is a rather attractive grafitti from Istanbul, taken on our last morning there almost three weeks ago.

This week has not bene such a great week as both Fred and I have been at home not feeling too well. Fred has been having a bad cold whilst I have been suffering a second bout of cold whilst not quite recovering from the first. So I have been at home half working half relaxing trying to take it easy.

We have spent the evenings catching up on DVD'swe hadn't got round to watching before. We have watched recently:

Cry Freedom, a film about Steve Biko
Byron,a BBC costume drama about Lord Byron, which was quite disappointing
Charles II , a very good BBC costume drama about Charles II
Great Expectations, the 1948 film
The Constant Gardner,a film of a John Le Carre book set in Kenya
The Last King of Scotland, a film about a young Scottish doctor and Idi Amin
The Kingdom of Heaven, a Ridlet Scott film about the Crusades and the fallof Jerusalem to Saladin

and in the meantime... we hear that they ARE going to make The Hobbit into a film and that Peter Jackson is going to be in charge. Should be in the cinemas by December 2010!


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