Friday, October 05, 2007

On the way to Paris

I am on the Eurostar on my way to join Fred in Paris. He is on the Thalys train on the way from school. We were supposed to travel together from Holland but, inevitably I have been delayed here in London on business.
We had to cut short a planned seven hour video conference on Tuesday and re-plan it for today, due to our lack of preparation. Tut tut.
And, just as inevitably the meeting today dragged on and on and on until I had to change my train to a later one and then run through the streets of The City and then through the never-ending tunnels connecting Monument Station to the Waterloo and City line in order to catch this train. Needless to say the train was delayed and I needn't have run and needn't be sitting here sweating away in what is now a damp shirt.
A shirt which I have now worn three days in a row as I was never meant to stay in London. Very kindly, Fiona washed my shirt last night and fortunately the shirt was dry in the morning.
I am hoping that Fred is travelling with a bag full of clean clothes, together with my camera, batteries, leads and all.
We will be in Paris for our annual rendez-vous with the racing set at Longchamp for the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, photos of which should soon be seen here on flickr! The weather promises to be warm and sunny as it inevitably is during the first weekend of October, which means that we will probably, yet again, not make it to Le Louvre. Oh well!


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