Friday, August 17, 2007

Wotan in Stockholm

Wotan in Stockholm, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Here, I am, back in Stockholm, trying to upload photos onto flickr using somebody else’s unsecured wireless network. Typical efficient Swedes, almost all of their networks are secured and, of course, it is always the least strong signals which are unsecured. Anyway, thank you Basquiat for letting me use your unsecured network.

Stockholm hasn’t changed a lot in the two weeks since I was last here. The weather is the same, just a bit windier and cooler and no doubt the sun will set a few minutes earlier. I have spent some time walking around places I had not visited before, including one of the major islands, from where one has different views of places we had seen two weeks ago. There are so many surprises here, architecturally speaking, making a walk around Stockholm very interesting. I walked around the building which reminded us of Venice (the one with the three crowns on top) and close up it reminded me of nothing more than the local Catholic church in Amsterdam, The Martyrs of Gorinchem, built in the 1900’s Nieuw Amsterdam/Berlage style. I love the statues and stone work on many of the Stockholm buildings and am trying to upload some examples of them, even if many come from the 1930’s-influenced-by-fascism-style.

I was interviewing earlier today, the interviewee picking me up from the airport and taking me to a castle near a lake, with a glass-blowing factory for lunch. Very nice… and I was never treated to such nice places for all my job interviews. But funny to be so soon on the other side of the table. I am just so glad I was not offered any of the jobs before the one which I have now taken, as this is so much better!

Anyway, I am running out of batteries as well now so better move on to find a place with a stronger signal.


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