Friday, August 31, 2007

A weekend at home

Fachadas en Lavapies
Fachadas en Lavapies, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The end of another week, Friday, time for Club avond and we are back in the Spargo this evening. Last week, because Fred and I were not there, the others decided to go back earlier than had been arranged to the Groene Olifant, where we used to go before we boycotted it. The plan was to go back in September and give it another try, but it was, and still is, August.

As it turned out they ahd such a bad expereince there with bad service the whole evening that there is talk of boycotting the place permanently. I'd be happy with that as I find the Spargo is a much better place, less smoke, better music and most of all, very good service (something which is not all that easy to find in Amsterdam).

This weekend, we are at home, so we can expect the weather to be be quite lousy, it only getting better when we are away in Stockholm or Madrid, but we have a visit to the cinema to look forward to tomorrow to see the renake of the John Walters film Hairspray.

Further, it is ten years since Princess Diana died. We were at Fred's parents'place that weekend and were walking around his father's vegetable patch when Fred's brother Jannes brought us the news of Diana's death. A week later, we were having a big party at home to celebrate thirteen years of Fred and me being together (a delayed twaalf-en-half jaar feest) and we spent most of the day watching our new TV watching Diana's funeral before the party started.


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