Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stockholm after the event

Stockholm after the event, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

On the way out of Sweden again now, using some electricity provided by Arlanda airport, which is just as full as it was when we were here two weeks ago. I treated myself to the Arlanda Express, the train which runs from Central Station to the airport in 20 very fast minutes, very much like the Heathrow Express at about the same price. There is a holiday flight to Antalya and quite a few Turks going home to see their families… reminding me that it was this time last year that we were coming back from our four week trip to south-eastern Turkey, those last few days spent by the pool in Antalya recovering from our earlier exertions.

It has been what seems to be a typical Stockholm summer’s day here, with a bit of sunshine and a few clouds, some wispy some dark grey and threatening, such clouds disappearing as soon as they come. Unlike the previous two weekends when Fred and I were here, this was an ordinary weekend and, I suppose, everything and everyone looked that bit more ordinary as a result. I have been carrying my rucksack on my back, filled with this laptop, my camera, a change of shoes and clothes. It was all a bit too heavy and I didn’t once get my camera out. Sometimes, it is good to have a rest.

Fred is out and around in Amsterdam today, making the most of the first of the Hartjesdagen. We intend to go there tomorrow, but like last year, heavy rain is expected (why not?) and I have given up any plans I might have had to go there dressed a bit fancily. I’ll be lucky to get such a good haul of photos as last year.

Looks like we are being called so time to go to the gate, looking forward to the delicious sandwiches which KLM have taken to providing on their flights. Little brown rolls filled with cheicken and pesto or goats cheese and honey. Mmmm… and as it is an evening flight, nice to wash down with a can of Heineken!


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