Thursday, August 30, 2007

Solidarity? With whom and how?

This poster is calling for Cuban Solidarity, saying the future lies with the Revolution (from 1959). Here in Holland we are being told to show Solidarity by our Governemnt, whose motto is Samen Werken, Samen Leven, working together, living together.

The taxes are going up, prices are going up and we're all going to be worse off.

Going up for people who work - Fred and me
Going up for people who drink - Fred and me
Going up for people who fly - Fred and me

At least we do not drive cars, smoke or go to funfairs.

The sad thing is that although almost everyone is going to pay more taxes there is very little information about where that money is going to go. No indication that it is going to old people who happen to be poor (there are very many well-off old people). If they are going to make life more difficult for most of the people in the country then they should at least be able to show how that is going to help the country and increase solidarity... and if they cannot do that then society might become more splintered than it is already becoming.


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