Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watergate Bay

Diana and the boys, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

A wonderful day on the beach at Watergate Bay, the sun shining almost all day with the surf pounding in off the Atlantic.

We started off with a wholesome English breakfast before going for a walk along the beach with the doggies - Ellie and Cuddles. After this, we got our wetsuits on, grabbed the body boards and charged into the waves. Great fun!

Later, we would pop inot Padstow, reminding me of the holiday where Fred and I camped nearby and took the car in every evening to order a lasagne and chips at the Old Custom House pub. I had to see if it was still on the menu, but this part of Cornwall has had the image consultants in and now the pub serves fancy Italian food like goats cheese and cherry tomatoes and so on. Ten years ago, lasagne was thought to be exotic enough for most tastes. Still, great to see the comeback of raspberry ripple ice cream.

Diana and Mum went to Fifteen, just below the hotel while James and I had another excellent dinner in the Brasserie, while Harry watched The Wild on dvd with the hotel nanny. Great to be outdoors in the sun all day, it makes one very sleepy... time for bed, methinks.


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