Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goodbye Atlanta

Time to say 'goodbye' to Atlanta. I have not seen very much of the city being in meetings all day and dinner and drinks in the evening with my new colleagues. Still, all being well, we should have another meeting like this next year and another chance to have a look around. I received just this morning an e-mail from a flickr friend, Carlos, who lives here offering to show me around, which was nice just a bit too late. I am still not alowed on flickr so was unable to thank him. Again, hopefuly next time.

Alos, I now know why I was not allowed on the Racing Post site and that is because all forms of gambling are baned in Atlanta, just as all internet gambling is banned in the USA. Oh well. One good thing about my company is that there are a number of peopole who are interested in horse racing and one who seems to have good inside information every now and then!

I will fly back with British Airways to Gatwick then have the nightmare of transferring to an Amsterdam flight, arriving just before mid-day. In the afternoon, I will try get access to my new work e-maiul address and watch the first floods of e-mails streaming in. Life will not be the same again!


Blogger C-los' Travels said...

charles, i'm sad i missed you in atlanta. wish we would have been able to meet up. i could have shown you around. take care and maybe when i'm back in amsterdam you can show me around. take care and have a safe flight home. carlos

29 June, 2007 05:49  
Blogger Charles Roffey and Fred O said...

Hallo Carlos, Yes, what a pity it is that we missed each other. If all things go well in the new job, I imagine I will be back in Atlanta again next year, so we will have the chance then! I hope tyou are enjoying teh weather there; it is pretty terrible here. Cheers, Charles

29 June, 2007 21:51  

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