Thursday, June 07, 2007

Diana's birthday

Charles and Diana - still going strong!

It is Diana's birthday today and for the next eleven days she will be the sdame age as me. Harry thinks she is 112, so thinks I am that age as well.

It has been another long day on the beach, in the waves, gliding along with the surf. Some great waves earlier in the day taking us well over 60 meters to the shoreline.... and what a sense of adreneline as the wave breaks over you and accelerates you through the white surf, propelling you to shore. Wonderful. I gave up trying to stand up or kneel on the board, great if you can do it, but if you can't it tends to break your surf and you either slow down or fall off.

The others are getting ready to go, driving back from here to Mum's house in Somerset. Time for a nice long snooze, I think, the sea air, the sun and the sea making one feel deliciously tired.


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