Friday, June 08, 2007

Back in Crewkerne

The surf instructors, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Time to leave the beach and just in time, as the clouds have come over today. We finally left just before 6 pm, having taken full advantage of the hotel facilities for the day, including the hot showers, the sunbeds and the heated outdoor pool, while we were not in the surf.

It was an easy 120 mile drive back to Crewkerne which took us just over two hours, unlike the fours they took to get down, having taken a wrong turning and travelled along the north Devon and north Cornwall coast.

We had a quick-ish dinner last night before going to bed early as Diana and the boys needed to be in London early today to see our uncle and aunty. I had Harry sleeping in my bed, which was very nice and he did not kick like his cousin Thomas used to. He was missing Uncle Fred so hopefully we can have him over to stay sometime in the summer, whilst Jmaes might come over for Lowlands if it looks like some decent bands will be playing.

A quiet house here now, with the others gone and Mum will be taking me to the airport at around lunchtime. I have been promised a big thunderstorm to welcome me back to Amsterdam, after which Fred has promised to cook me a nice dinner!


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