Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A great day surfing

Watergate Bay, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Another day spent on the beach. The waves were spectacular and Diana, James and myself had great fun in the surf later in the afternoon, both on the body boards and the surf board we rented for two hours. The waves were massive today, bigger than any waves I have seen here before, almost as big as those we saw in Australia when we were living there as children. Funny to be there again, next to my sister surfing in the waves, much as we had done all those 35 years ago! Mum watching us from the beach, but now Diana is a Mum and her eldest son James was out with the main surfboard trying to catch a good wave and stand up.

It is a spectacular place, especially when the tide goes out to leave a very wide beach, below the grass covered cliffs, a typical North Cornwall bay. It also helps very much when the sun shines the whole day, like it did today.

Diana took us out for a little drive in the evening to a small village called St Mawgan (Cornwall has some very particularv saints) where we found a perfectly charming country pub, with a lovely grass lawn behind, where we feasted ourselves on seafood mornay with cheddar cheese... mmmm... washed down, in my case, by Cornish bitter.

Tomorrow, we have to leave. Diana will take us to Mum's in Crewkerene, after another day on the beach. After this I am going back to Amsterdam on Friday afternoon, after what has been a most wonderful stay in England.


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