Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Robbie Williams is gay!

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Well, maybe he is and maybe he isn't. I couldn't care less. By all accounts he does have some problems with addiction, but that is not important either. Robbie Williams is a pop singer and what is important, to the extent that anything about Robbie Williams is important is that he makes good music. I have not really liked his music too much, apart from the odd song here and there, although I did enjoy Take That when they were around in their original incarnation.

In a similar way, it is not, in fact, so interesting to know whether Marija Serifovic is a lesbian. She won the Eurovision Song Contest, without looking like a dolly, yet it would seem that people ARE interested in her sexuality, judged on the number of times this blog has been accessed in recent by days by pepole typing in the words 'marija serifovic lesbian' into google. I just did the same and found my blog listed at number 70 in the listing and still I have had a hundred referrrals.

Type in Molitva, and my photo on flickr dedicated to Marija's song comes in at 8, giving the photo over 700 hits, something I am much more proud of.

However, as I mentioned yesterday, IF she does happen to be lesbian and IF her record company will let her AND IF she wanted to, it would be great if she DID come out and give some visibility to gays and lesbians in her country and surrounding countries.

With Robbie Williams this would be different as so many pop stars have already come out that another one wouldn't make a lot of difference, assuming for the sake of argument that he is gay, which he probably isn't anyway. Furthermore, it is debatable that the gay movement in the UK would be plased to welcome Robbie Williams who can hardly be put up as any sort of role model, like George Michael.

Going back to Marija, I think she has done more than enough in Serbia, by breaking through the macho culture which apparently dominates that country, through her song, her looks, her performance and her comments. And winning certainly helps!


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