Saturday, May 12, 2007

Come on Serbia!

Eurovision - Molitva, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Well, the day has finally arrived and it is almost as exciting at Grand National Day, whilst the competition lasts quite a bit longer. We are going round to Annie's this evening for dinner to celebrate Fred's birthday on Monday. We have some BBC scorecards and will be judging all 24 of the entries.

I am still very very keen on Serbia and I really hope it wins this time. I see the biggest danger coming from Ukraine. Three years ago, a lovely ballad from Serbia and Montenegro was beaten by a novelty act from Ukraine. It could happen again and I am hoping it will not.

My favourite songs, from what I have heard so far, are:

FYR Macedonia

Countries which I would not like to see winning are Belarus, Latvia and Germany. It'd be another shame if Ukraine wn as they song/act really is just too gimmicky, even though I do like it and I have some money on. After all the controversy surrounding the fact that no Western European countries made it through from the semi-final to the final, the competition could do with a nice old fashioned ballad winning again. And, despite all the, what I consider to be very mis-directed criticisns of so-called bloc voting, no Balkan country has won Eurovision since Yugoslavia beat Italy in 1989, so it is about time they did win, and in Motliva, Serbia has the song to do it.

Betting-wise I will be breaking even if Serbia, Ukraine or Moldova make the top 4 and winning a nice amount if any of them were to win, but most especially if SERBIA wins, losing if none of them made the top 4. Go on Marija, Come on Europe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Charles, Fred is in with a nice birthday present, thanks to your new found interest in Serbia? Congrats!
(And since you have abundance of free time, maybe you goanna do some reading on the causes of the WWI...)

13 May, 2007 01:35  
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