Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A nice picture of me from two years ago

Cipressi, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Yes, this photo was taken just over two years ago, just as I was winding down my previous company, looking to finish on 1st June, which we did, since when I have had almost two years off. Two years which my soon be coming to an end as I am in the closing stages of accepting a job offer!
Since starting to look for a job in January, I have had a look at quite a few different companies, in industries as diverse as veterinary appliances, see-through braces (for teeth), servicing electronic goods, selling cement-impregnated building materials, consultancy services, telecoms and so on. I have met some very interesting people, some people I respect and others I respect less, shall we say. To be honest, very few of the jobs were actually what I was looking for and I sometimes had to pretend to be interested in doing the job which was being offered. Not always easy and more often than not, I was found out, ha ha!
However, supposing all goes well, the job I will be doing IS a job I was very much on the look-out for and the four people I have met so far impressed me, so it is looking good. We are now having a look at when I can start. I am suggesting 19th June, but they have said 'somewhere in the beginning of June', so a small discrepancy. As it happens I will be going to Oirland for the first time on June 15th, as my father has invited us to join him at an open-air opera in Wexford, on the south-east corner of the island.
The big question, when I do start work is whether or not to keep the blog going, as I will have a responsibility towards my employer and it might not be all that appropriate to make certain remarks on this blog. And the question will also be whether or not I have the time to keep this thing going. We'll see...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well…. Charles I hope that you could keep this blog going
And by the way thanks for you note regarding 18 May .
We hope that Somaliland be internationally recognized.

24 May, 2007 12:16  

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