Monday, May 14, 2007

Molitva - A prayer for New Serbia

Molitva - a new Serbia, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The Eurovision Song Contest might seem like trivial thing, but so is football, and not many people think that football is altogether unimportant. Serbia won and it could signify a major change in that country's direction and fortunes.

Serbia has had a very difficult recent and past history and is at the crossroads between joining in with the rest of Europe or looking back towards Mother Russia, as mentioned earlier on this blog.

Yet, within a week of being appointed, it looks as if the country is going to get rid of him and then little Marija goes and wins the Eurovision Song Contest and proclaims a New Serbia. She returns to her country and is greeted by hundreds of thousands of Serbians, waving their flag, so happy that their country's song has been accepted by Europe..... they so obviously want to be part of Europe. An uplifting sight to see.

And then there is the question of her sexuality, which is normally of no interest to me, but the fact that she MAY be lesbian. This in a country where there seems to be only one well-known person sho has come out as gay. Even if she doesn't come out, it might make the climate just that little bit easier for the gay and lesbians people in Sebia. I hope so.

In the meantime, it is Fred's birthday and he is playing around with his new mobile phone, even taking a video of me as I type! It was just a normal Monday at school for him but he has spent the whole evening on the phone with friends and family, whilst I did my best to give him a nice birthday present by going to London for a job interview (job based in Holland). I even managed to talk about the Eurovision Song Contest during the interview. How fantastic is that? I did my best and I hope that it is enough.

Happy Birthday, Fred!

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