Saturday, April 28, 2007

Neighbourhood time

Drinking fountain - Nemi, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Another hot sunny day here in Amsterdam, most of the day spent on te pavement in front of the hpuse chatting to various neighbours as they passed by and attending to the flower-beds in front of the house. I managed to raise the street tiles around the peach tree so that when I water it, the water stays in the soil rather than running over and into teh street drains. I put in some compost, not entirely ready, such that it still smelt of decomposition rather than healthy dark compost. Still full of fatbellys and ants.

Fiona and Thomas arrive soon. KLm had booked Thomas on the 06.35 flight to Amsterdam rather than the 18.35 flight (which is also 6.35 pm with a12 hour clock). A bit silly that they have planes leaving exactly 12 hours apart such that such mistakes can be made. Fortunately, Fiona noticed this and managed to get KLM to change Thomas onto the evening flight.

Fred is cooking something delicious, a Jamie recipe with pork replaced by chicken.

Our local Bredeweg Festival kicked off last night with a baroque concert in the nearby Catholic church. Tomorrow, we have the neighbourhood buffet - 350 local people being fed by the local shopkeepers, followed by the Street Opera on the Bredeweg, before we get to Queen's Day on Monday. And all under clear blue skies. How wonderful.


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