Friday, April 27, 2007

The answer is 'no'...

Well, despite coming back from Italy a day early for the interviews and spending eight hours being interviewed by nine people, I did not get the job. A good strategic thinker I may be but it seems they felt I did not display the energy levels to convince them that I would relish a return to day-to-day accounting and the monthly closing of the books.

It is a pity as the company was a very good one adn the people I met were all very nice, but if I am honest the job to whiuch I was applying was not a job I have had much driect experience in, such work being generally performed by people who used to report to me in my previous job (which I ahd for ten years).

Anyway, it seems like the market is good and since Wednesday I have received details of a number of interesting jobs in the Amsterdam area, so no need to despair just yet.


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