Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dotty Dot, 67a St Helen's Place, London W10

I spent most of yesterday taking photos of Fiona's shop, Dotty Dot in Notting Hill/Ladbroke Grove area of West London.

It is a children's shop selling clothes and toys, of mostly exclusive ranges which Fiona has picked out very well. It was a Monday and the weather outside was a mixed bag of wind, sun, hail and rain and there were not so many customers, so a good day to be moving things around and taking photos. First for a publicity leaflet and also for a website which my Mum is designing. There is a galery of shots on this picasa site here.

Otherwise, not having the best of times here in London and it is very disturbing to read so often about young men being stabbed to death, an aspect of gang warfare, probably to do with drug dealing. Britain might be a rich country, but my goodness it has some problems and finds it very difficult to deal with them. I hae also been involved with some aspects of bullying at school and I have not heard from anyone who has said that the school has dealt with such bullying in a satisfactory way. Very sad.


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