Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time to go

Richard made it to teh airport in 40 minutes, I am waiting 40 minutes just for the taxi to arrive here to take me to the airport. Still involved in a fight with the cheapskates from Gulf Air who want top put me on the later flight because it is cheaper than the flight I was booked on and confirmed to fly on. Everything today is CAN NOT, CAN NOT. I suppose that once I am at home none of this will seem at all important but at the moment it IS very very frustrating.

Still, Richard and I had a nice evening yesterdayas we took a taxi across teh river and ended up in a garden where there was a singer singing nice Thai guitar ballads and there was a sort of self service where one could get one's own food from the stalls and fry them or boil them on the apparatus provided. Very nice, very cheap and no other tourists.

Followed up later with a footy massage for Richard and a facial for me, slightly less successful than the unplanned one Fred and I had in Amman last year, but it was nice and relaxing, although with all the stress I am having today I am sure all teh wrinkles are back.

Waiting and waiting here despite the fact that it was four hours ago when I booked a taxi to leave at 15.00, the silly ladies from the Thai Cozy House don't seem to have done a very good job, quick enough as they were though to take the 500 Baht off me when I made the reservation.

Time to go, I think. Getting crazy here and maybe it is unfair to take it out on the people here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ja Charles, zo ken ik je weer een beetje met je gemopper.
In ieder geval hele plezierige feestdagen samen met Fred.
Bram en Mar

19 December, 2006 21:23  

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