Monday, August 28, 2006

Fred starts school again today

Fred getting on, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

But this day last year he was getting onto the back of a horse in Petra, helped by a young bedouin with a very interesting conversation opener. It was our third day in Petra and we had gone up to the High Altar of Sacrifice, a beautiful walk taking us up to the high places of Petra. It would have been an early start, with us arriving at the entrance gate at 6.30 to beat the sun and the crowds (which never arrived, sadly enough for the locals). I had the fun of galloping the kilometer or so from the Siq back to the entrance while Fred plodded along on his steed.

This year Fred will be giving most of his lessons in the International Department of 'R L' in Oegstgeest, the lessons being given in English and following a syllabus and methodology devised in the UK. He has kept his Fridays free, which gives him time to mark scripts and prepare lessons before the weekend. As he left before 6.30 this morning he was looking forward to his new school year, having enjoyed his seven week summer holiday, which went by all too quickly.


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