Friday, August 18, 2006

Back home

Home grown potatoes, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

It took almost as long from landing at Schiphol Airport (two-and-a-half hours), to arriving home as did the flight from Antalya (four hours). But when we arrived home we found everything in order, the house tidy, the fridge well stocked and the garden very green and the trees all surviving (so far as we can tell). We also found lots of water in the jars and ashtrays out on the balcony, which tells us that it must have been a little bit wetter here than it had been in Turkey.
The weather was reasonable, a bit sunny, a bit cloudy and a bit windy but pleasant enough. Not beach weather though and no such weather is being forecast either.
Fred has a week or so before he goes back to school and I have promised that before he does I will have finished a detailed CV, which I will need if I am to find a new job... now that the time has come... anyone with any offers?



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