Monday, July 03, 2006

Germany did it... again

German fans in Germany 64, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Coming from behind

Scoring a sneaky goal ( a freak goal of two headers)

Winning on penalties

Football is a game played by 22 men running around a field for 90 minutes, and in the end the Germans always win. (quote: Gary Lineker).

Here are some people celebrating the win... some of many thousand in the fanfest enclosure, just below the cathedral in central Cologne, at the end of a hot and sunny afternoon.

Although I was for Argentina, among the very few there, it was difficult not to be taken in by the joy and relief displayed by everyone when teh last penalties went in. The Germans had put on a great party and had organised everything really well. The people were happy and very friendly, a bit loud at times, but they created a very good atmosphere.

The crowds had been building up all day, mosty dressed in some combination of white and black and red and yellow/orange. Many of them had great fun in singing mainly anti-Dutch songs, for some reason. Official FIFA beer and official FIFA bratwurst weree served on FIFA bread and there was also FIFA Coke, Fanta and Sprite available. Nothing much else and everyone's bags were searched before going in. They did not however force anyone to remove non-FIFA T shirts, although it was a day to go shirtless, if one had the body to allow that.

It was dead still when the Argentina goal went in. As if nothing happened. It remained quiet for another half hour or so until it became clear that Germany were really back in the game. Germany's goal was met with a roar and thousands of people jumped up and down, relieved, finally believing in the dream once more.

And with the onset of extra time and after the penalties, there really was no doubt left. No doubt that Germany would not win... and so it happened.

More about the trip tomorrow.


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