Monday, July 24, 2006

Children from Tyre

Children from Tyre, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

The madness continues.

Lebanon is being bombed to bits, ripped to shreds by American weapons, fired by Israel, with encouragement from the U.S.

More people per day are dying through war in the Congo and war in Iraq, but the war in Lebanon is being carried out by countries which should know better. Israel, a democratic Jewish theocracy, wound up in the rhetoric of its own making, supported by Christian Zionists in the US.

Their religion tells them not only that they are God's chosen race (to the absolute exclusion of all other people on the earth) but that God has given them the land that they are occupying, partly legally, but a lot illegally and in breach of many UN resolutions. They can believe it as much as they like but it is a very dangerous religion indeed, when it permits the continuing atrocities committed in its name upon the Palestinians and now the Lebanese.

Christianity at least allows non-Christians to become Christian and so enter their heaven.

Islam does not even require this... anyone can enter heaven so long as they honour God.

I am not exactly religious, but I can spot hypocrisy and nonsense pretty well... and it is clear how the basic religous fundamentals are shaping the events in Lebanon right now.


Anonymous steph said...

hey i think your blogs are really good.
I am studying lebanon in class and how the civil war from 1975 - 1990 has like caused the poverty their but i dont really understand why?
i was wondering if you could help?

25 March, 2010 13:21  
Anonymous steph said...

oh and if you could plz email me at
thanks alot

25 March, 2010 13:22  

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