Thursday, April 06, 2006

Take The Stand

Take The Stand: This is not the way to win your race. You were in the lead from the second last fence and you had the race at your mercy... and then you went and did this. We still love you.

And a BIG word of thanks to Tony Dobbin for staying on board.

He was 7-1, so I backed him to win. I lost my money, but had great value for my bet as it really looked like he would at long last win a major race. Oh well, it'll be the Scottish National next, I imagine. And how about Clestial Gold for next year's Gold Cup?

Message 1 - posted by pentire**, 1 Hour Ago
I just love this horse!

He hasn't won since a couple of summers ago, but he has been consistently one of the best chasers around, first lumping huge weights around and then running well in the top conditionas chases.

He has such a high cruising speed, but his jumping is very odd. He just seems to get over most fences, from one side to the next without much obvious effort.

Who knows if he'd have held on today, as Celestial Gold really did look to be cantering. Still, he was there in the lead, beating off all the talking horses and did us fans proud. A race to savour.
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Message 2 - posted by Binge**, 1 Hour Ago
Agree Pentire. I actually thought his time had come as he had plenty left for a fight when Celestial Gold came upsides. However you knew that the blunder was only a fence away. Brilliant jockeyship from Tony Dobbin to stay on him.
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Message 3 - posted by supertom124**, 1 Hour Ago
Didnt think he would have held on anyway from Celestial Gold but he ran a corker!

And a word for Tony Dobbin....brilliant job staying on and then getting him going again to the finish!!

Well done Dobbsy!!

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